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    The F word

    From left to right: Me and my friend Lide, at Lowlands festival 2011
    Festival season is almost here! Or maybe it is here already, but just not yet for me. I went to Lowlands festival last year here in the Netherlands, and I will be there this year as well. Of course festivals are about music, but I think that everyone will agree that they are also about fashion. I mean, just pay attention to how often you read the words 'festival look/style/fashion' in fashion magazines and such. Google 'festival fashion' and you will get about 600 million images. The first being of Kate Moss, naturally. Oh my god what does she look effortlessly cool! Dirty hair, hot pants, dirty wellies... Ultimate rock chic. Well, I actually find this outfit kind of boring, but it does display the essence of what festival fashion should be like. Which is: short, easy and dirty. You do not want to worry about your expensive skirt or whatever getting torn in the mosh pit. To further discover the ins and outs of festival fashion, there are hundreds of 'guides' out there just to help you. Isn't that nice?

    Like this selection of ultimate festival clothes by all time favourite Topshop, or this one by Asos.
    Oh and if you want to know what not to wear, you should read this fashionista article focussing on festival trends that need to die.

    And if you have scrutinized all these cool clothes already, you can also take a cue from the runway. Was it just me or did you also notice that those sweaters at Topshop's looked exactly like Isabel Marant's? Well, it does not surprise me. Fast fashion stores have been copying the runway for like, ever.
    However, I guess those sweaters are great at festivals if you're feeling a little cold. 

    Anyway, I guess my favourite festival items are the following: high waisted shorts, crop tops, band shirts, anything with fringes, denim vests, leather shorts, vans sneakers and something floral. 
    I can't wait to wear those while enjoying the music!


    1. I love your pics. And yea, festival is also about fashion!
      Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.

      - Maudleen

    2. LOVELY Blog!!
      Thank you so much for the visiting!


    3. I so looking forward to the festivals this summer! :)
      I really like your festival outfit :)

    4. I love how each music festival has its own vibe. However, denim shorts do seem to find their way into all of them, huh? :)

    5. Thanks for your comment.great post.im following you right now hope you can do the same.


    6. great shorts, u two look gawjuss, great post.
      lets follow each other darl.


    thank you <3