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    Sk8er Girl

    It seems like skating is going through the same transition as surfing: it is suddenly thought of as cool. Of course fashion plays a major role in this. H&M magazine took note and produced an awesome 'LA skater girl' photo shoot: pastel high waisted shorts, easy going vests and beautiful au naturel girls with long locks... Although I would never trust myself on a board with four wheels, I love the laid back style that goes with the sport. On top of that, it won't hurt to dream away, like I am sure you will by this beautiful film by hammond images. It catches the spirit of longboarding and is shot in my hometown.
    The H&M magazine shoot:


    1. Love the images! I don't know how to skateboard but I want to learn, even if I'm a little old (25). Great blog btw.
      Take care.

    2. Gorgeous pics, thanks for sharing !

      Kisses sweetie,


    3. Mooie post! Die zonnebril op de eerste foto vind ik zooo gaaf! Liefs


    thank you <3