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    Happy Holi

    When I was in Pushkar, India, I celebrated the color festival Holi. Well, this was an enthralling experience! The minute you set foot outside, you were attacked by people of all ages with water and color powder. Tourists and locals mingled as everyone turned into rainbow-colored aliens, and even the cows and street dogs received their fair share of color. Tradition mixed with modern times as the trance party got going on the main square. Although I had a lot of fun, this was also a time when I wished I was a guy. I just wanted to have fun, but sadly enough, a lot of young Indian men see Holi as an opportunity to touch western girls. I had to use my elbows a lot. I guess there is a reason why Indian women usually stay inside during the festivities
    The memory of Holi stayed visibly with me: my hair was pink for about a month. Because my natural hair color is so light, the pink color did not wash out. It actually looked like I purposefully dip-dyed my hair, and I thought it was quite nice. Indians used to ask me: 'is that Holi color or your natural color?' And then I always wondered in which part of the world people have naturally pink hair.


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