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    Born in a Balloon

    I took these pictures last week, while I was visiting the Gemeentemuseum in my city. This museum is quite big and I really enjoy visiting on my own and strolling around the building, for I always discover intriguing and special places. When I suddenly stumbled upon this artwork, I found myself alone in this huge hall surrounded by these strange and threatening objects. So I decided to experiment with my camera. I especially like the photograph above; I think the contrast between the magnitude of the installation and my tiny self is the most striking because of the straight lines in the composition.At home, I tried to find more information about this artwork. I knew it was called 'Born in a Balloon' and made by Karin van Dam. I found this short film about her artwork (it's in Dutch but contains beautiful shots):
    For the installation 'Born in a Balloon', Karin van Dam used all kinds of found materials (pipes, ducts, fabric) of which she manufactures complex structures. This artwork 'gives visitors the opportunity to experience a dark no man's land of the artist's imagination: a place to hide, as if coming from nowhere and going nowhere, safe from both the past and the future'. The sense of transit and a never-ending journey are returning elements in her work. This is something I particularly relate to; when I'm walking around the Gemeentemuseum on my own, it feels like that.I'm wearing my blue velvet Staccato dress which is one of my favourites, a vintage plaid shirt and vintage knitted vest, Forever 21 fair isle print knee high socks, sneakers from Vans and a necklace that used to be my aunt's. You can find more information on Born in a Balloon and Karin van Dam here.


    thank you <3