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    I saw Oliver Stone's Savages a few days ago in the cinema. It's a very dark movie about drugs and violence, but I was mostly curious about Blake Lively's role as Ophelia. I have always followed Gossip Girl so I was interested in how she would be in this cruel action movie. I wasn't dissapointed: I thought she was very convincing as O., a lost rich hippie girl that ends up in a lot of trouble because she's in love with two drug dealers. I found her character very inspirational stylewise. Colourful butterfly tattoos, flowers in her hair, big golden earrings... An occasional borrowed plaid shirt or white summer dress. Her beach bleached hair and sun kissed skin perfectly match the hippie outfits and jewelry. It's the perfect summer look that can be worn on depressing fall days to bring a little sunshine to your day!
    The movie features a few black and white scenes which are absolutely beautiful. The opening scene with O. walking down the beach, starting to tell her story, is one of those. The trailer starts with this too:
    So, now I know for sure there are going to be hippie/bohemian flavours in my fall wardrobe. I think the influence of movie characters on personal style should not be underestimated. Which movie character will you look to for guidance in sartorial choices this fall?


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