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    Cold Blooded

    This outfit is one part Proenza Schouler spring and fall 2010 and one part Taylor Momsen rock vibes. Let me explain. The faint turqoise colour that is still visible in my hair as a result of the fading dip dye is totally Proenza Schouler spring 2010 hair, while the purple shirt I'm wearing resembles the colours and prints that were seen on their babydoll dresses in fall 2010. Then the oversized leather jacket and black wedges could possibly also be found on Taylor Momsen. I know there are a lot of people out there who kind of hate Taylor Momsen, but I actually quite enjoy her music. I think her voice is amazing and I like the guitar riffs and the old fashioned rock sound of her band The Pretty Reckless. And I'd rather have someone real, creepy and black than fake, happy and pink. She may come across as arrogant sometimes, but you can't judge someone you don't know. I don't like everything she wears though, a lot of her clothes are way too extreme, like fetish stripper heels or ensembles when she's showing too much skin. And I couldn't bear to wear so much make up. I don't wear make up at all most of the time, so the idea of putting all that black on your face every morning seems silly and annoying. But anyway, check out the pictures of my outfit and the inspiration!
    Vintage leather jacket, Asos dress, vintage shirt, New Look shoes
    Proenza Schouler spring rtw 2010
    Proenza Schouler fall rtw 2010
    Taylor Momsen style
    Check out this song by The Pretty Reckless:


    1. Great Post. I follow your Blog now.
      Please follow me.


    2. I love Proenza Schouler

      Thanks for your lovely comment! Why not follow if you like?

    3. u look amazing Julia,, superlike the creative pics.

      great blog :) glad to hve found it thru IFB


    4. I love your shirt! And Taylor Momsen, can you even believe she was Cindy Lou in the Grinch? Although to be honest I'd feel ludicrous with that much make up on...

    5. i love taylor momsen's style, rock! you look stunning and beautiful with that rad outer and dress! <3

      Letters To Juliet

    6. Unlike Taylor, you really pull the look off - you make it look cool - not slutty. I like the dress best in combination with the blouse and the glasses, the add an arty touch.

      Great blog!

      Best, Jen


    thank you <3