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    The Art of the Nail

    Don't you feel very happy when you see that you're nails are looking, well, fabulous? I know I do. I am really digging the nail art trend. Too bad that I'm really bad with nail polish. Like, really bad. Luckily my good friend Nynde is very good with nail polish. Another plus: she owns the most amazing nail polish colours. Cherry red, light grey, bright yellow, turqoise, light purple, you name it, she has it. When you see me wearing nail polish, she most likely applied it. A couple of days ago she showed me some new colours that she bought in Italy, by the brand Kiko Milano. A beautiful olive-like light grey, a light turqoise and a violet colour. We decided to paint my nails in those colours, and added yellow and pink. While surfing the internet for inspiration, we found very interesting, weird and cute examples. Of course we looked at WAH! nails' tumblr. I think WAH! was the first succesful nail salon that applied nail polish in quirky and funny designs. After an overload of inspiration, we decided to paint every nail differently. This resulted in some lovely mix and match nails. Thank you Nynde!
    The nail polish we used: 
    (we also used little wooden sticks)
    The inspiration from WAH! nails:
    The end result:
    The designs fltr: a rose, a spider, FY (fuckyou) for the middle finger, stripes and a heart
    The designs fltr: zig-zags, a triangle, polka dots, geometric stripes and a heart/peace sign for the thumb


    1. Wow Love the brand Kiko! And your nails are amazing! Thanks for your comment on my blog dear! See you on pinterest! Xx


    2. totally .. nail art like that wud bring smile on anyone's face. Love it



    thank you <3